Aug 7, 2008

2-Aquamarine jewellery

Sparkling aquamarines are set in sterling silver to create a stylish, asymmetrical look. I have a beautiful pendant to match these Aquamarine earrings.

Fun facts about Aquamarine (Source: Wiki)

  • Birthstones of Pisceans.
  • Gemstone for the 16th and 19th marriage anniversary.
  • It has a soothing effect on "just married" couples, assisting them in working out their differences and insuring a long and happy marriage.
  • It is said to re-awaken love in long-married couples and signify the making of new friends.


suhasi said...

Can I buy this blue Aquamarine jewellery??? please quote the price if yoy are willing to sell them...

Swati said...

How lovely these look..I have similar ones with a white stone..wonder what they are though...
Thanks for visiting my blog and do keep in touch.

Aabharan said...

Suhasi: I have emailed you the address of some places which sell this kind of jewellery.

Swati: Thank you. White might be Zircon.