Jul 27, 2009

Six yards of beauty & elegance

Today is Aabharan's first anniversary! I cant believe its been a year! A big thank you to all you guys for the encouragement, suggestions & support!
Love ~Shillu~
I decided to celebrate this special day with this colorful post :: Six yards of beauty & elegance.
At work we have a some fun events & one such event was the "Traditional dressing day". Here are a few pics for you: Thanks to all the guys who posed patiently for me :)

The lovely colors, the intricate details & the matching bangles made this day very beautiful :)

Jul 17, 2009

Handicrafts exhibition

I love all kind of crafts exhibitions, especially for the colorful displays and some unexpected surprises you bounce on sometimes. I also love bargaining with the vendors - Thats the best part of shopping in India?
Some pics that I clicked at 'Sampoorn' - a handicrafts exhibition held in Bangalore.

Colorful vases - My fav is the brown one in the background (behind the camel pic vase)

"Juti's" in all sizes, patterns & designs

I love these colorful woven baskets - especially the wooden parrot handles on top of the lids.

Ceramic stuff - I love the colors and the variety here. I have my eyes on the kids tea set which is to the bottom right side of this pic.

Copper handmade bells in different sizes