Nov 21, 2008

Heat colored metal jewelry

Another store from the Autumn Festival: Phoenix Designs

Very unique & innovative. Have not seen any like these before, a feast to the eyes! Enjoy!

Nov 16, 2008

Woven and braided jewelry

I finally managed to go to the Annual Autumn Festival in Minneapolis and have met multiple talented artists with creative hand crafts. I am going to blog about these folks in multiple posts.

The First in this series is about Jan-Ra Jewelry. This Artist makes silver & gold jewelry which is woven/braided and entwined.

Here is what Jan says about her passion on her blog:
"My journey here has been a bit convoluted. I have a B.A. in Biology and an M.S. in Wildlife Conservation. I used neither degree professionally, however, and spent 13 years as a licensed remodeling contractor. I have more power tools than most men! My need to work with my hands, however, has grown stronger over the years, and making jewelry is the current manifestation of that need."

Jan at work:

Pics from the Jan-Ra stall at the Autumn Festival. Unfortunately I do not have many close-up pics of the jewelry, however I insist that you look at much better pictures here and here. Adorable jewelry I must say, with an interesting twist!

Watch this space for more.

Nov 12, 2008

On my mind...

  • I have not been posting much here.
  • As I am away from home, I have not bought much stuff YET
  • I have been trying to update Tangled Maze with my weekend activities. Check out when you have time.
  • I might go to a crafts fair (I wish I could) sounds damn interesting! They promised "500 of America's finest artists & craftspeople from 30 states". So, watch out for more...
Downtown Minneapolis - this illuminated building looks much better than in this pic