Aug 7, 2008

Sterling Silver jewellery series: 1-Tourmaline jewellery

My dad was posted in Chennai for a couple of years; this was a perfect excuse for me to explore the various shopping avenues & food there. I love shopping at Spencer Plaza, they have beautiful stores…My personal favorites are the cute & colorful Juti’s store on the top floor right to the food court: these guys have beautiful Jutis/Chappal which are very colorful and decorated with beautiful beads, shells & glitter. Another place is the silver jewellery store beside the Ceylon shopping area on second floor I think. Unfortunately I do not recollect the names of both the places. This place has huge collection of silver jewellery. And if you know me any better – you would have guessed by now that I would have madly bought loads of jewellery from this store in multiple colors, I am the way I am - Beyond hope!

From today I am going to post multiple pictures of the jewellery that I have picked-up from this second floor store & other shops @Spencer’s. I promise that I will get the names of the places in my next visit.

Here you go…

First Post: Tourmaline jewellery

Striking Tourmalines are used in these impressive drop earrings with a matching pendant set in sterling silver.

Fun facts about Tourmaline (Source: Wiki)

  • Birthstones of Librans.
  • Multicolored Tourmaline is the gemstone for the 8th anniversary.
  • Tourmaline is said to dispel fear, negativity and grief. According to legend, the tourmaline of all colors protects the wearer against many dangers and misfortune.



lovely piece of jewellery ..Good to know that you are from bangalore

RV said...

Colours galore... that's the best part of anything related to handicrafts. I'm an ardent fan of handicrafts too more precisely anything Ethnic..right from dresses to foot wear to decoratives.
feels good to find some awsome pics & links here.