Oct 13, 2010

Silk salwar suits

This festive season all the shopping areas are busy with people shopping for Durga pooja, Diwali & the upcoming wedding season. I have been crazily shopping for a wedding in my family.

Along with accessories I love clothes & I got into a silk phase last year. I now own a considerable collection of silks - no complaints here :) I would like to share my collection of silk suits with you regularly. The crazy thing about me is that I do not like buying ready made suits or ready to stitch ones. I like getting them done the way I envision them.

In many cases I like a dupatta, which I buy & after that I start searching for the suit fabric, then get embroidery done on it matching the dupatta, finally the stitching. Some times I buy small bits & pieces of fabrics to use as patches on kurtas, then buy the main fabric & then the stiching. Crazy is int it? Yeah - I am not normal :P I love the process though! No wonder all the shop keepers I buy fabric from think I own a boutique! There was a time when I liked a Chain & made a whole outfit around that!

Watch this space in the coming days to see my collection of silks.

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Veda Murthy said...

hey shillu! long time! how have u been? not active on FB too???howas gruhapravesham? lovely suits!very vibrant!