Jun 28, 2010

Jewels out of clay

Its been ages since I blogged. having some difficulty transfering pics, hence the delay. How have you been?

Recently I received an email from Sathish, he wanted me to share thesed bautiful Terrakota jewelry creations by his wife Manju. Here is what he had to say:
"I am Sathish born and bought up in Cochin my native place is in Palakkad from where I found Manju as my life partner. She is very reserved by nature and she dint have the confidence to go for work in Cochin. The idea of Jewelry design came to my mind accidentally and I have asked her to try this 2 years before .It took 1 year for her to master the art.
Unfortunately you know that the place where we come from people prefer only Gold jewelry. So we had a big problem of marketing Manju’s creations. We go to exhibitions and display our products for sale . Most of the people do not understand the pain behind making these jewelry. Each bead is made out of hands and fired - it is a painstaking process. We never keep any record or pictures of the products except the Blog which I don’t show to Manju. This keeps her thinking creatively for new designs and patterns. We do not use artificial paints to make them attractive. The thread we use is pure cotton."

If you have any questions/suggestions leave them in the comments section here. If you are interested in buying Manju’s products contact Sathish.


Veda Murthy said...

Lovely jewellry! thanks shillu for introduing us to such a fine artist! amazing stuff! did u buy any?

shillu link ur blog to facebook so we know of ur updates!


Simone said...

Siri- I would like to buy some of this stuff- let me know.

Shillu said...

Hey Veda - Thank you! how have you been? I did not yet buy any. Hey, I linked the blog to FB.

Seema - Thank you Bossi :)

rachna said...

Love the stuff can u give sathish's contact number

Sujata said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. As I look at these beautiful jewelry, only one suggestion comes to my mind is "etsy". It is a world wide online store. The market is quite broad. The set up is quite easy and their fees are also nominal.
Just thought I would throw it out there!

G.L.OVERSEAS said...

Great work..i really liked your blog...i am young entrepreneur started my own export biz few days back.i am dealing in handicrafts and jewellery...would really like to contact satish..kindly furnish me details and contact no at geniusverma2001@gmail.com...we can have a business assocation....will be looking forward for your response....

Emreen said...

Amazing products ... How about selling it in http://shopo.in/ ?

anupama said...

hi, pls furnish sathish's mail id